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PowerSmart OPC

Energy Meter OPC Server and datalogger for live monitoring of electrical consumption and remote automatic meter reading

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Please email ncauto@global.co.za with your full company and contact and requirement details to obtain a demonstration license and technical support.
PowerSmart OPC – The OPC server communicates to the meters to all your meters over RS485 network, cell or normal telephone networks or site Ethernet network. A single OPC server can communicate to different manufacturers meters and present the data in the same way to an open ODBC database and OPC clients such as SCADA or historian packages.

Currently supported meters:
Strike Enermax E3 & Enermax+
Elster A1700 (Vision), A140, A220 & Alpha A2500
Landis & Gyr ZMD400
Alstom Iskra
Netelek DM200 & Superkon

Please contact us to enquire after prices for the development of an OPC server driver for your manufacturers meter.

image008Provide a live view of your electrical energy consumption data on any networked OPC client. All of your energy meter’s required registers are made available at regular update intervals as browsable OPC tags with user friendly names.

PowerSmart OPC Manager allows on line configuration of the OPC Server and monitoring of all the meters data and links from any number of PCs on your network without any configuration.  Within your existing SCADA system energy data obtained from your energy meters such as instantaneous demands, currents, volts, power factors can be monitored, trended and alarmed together with production data. A large number of energy measurements and accumulators are available via user defined, browsable, easy to understand OPC tags scaled to engineering values.Having the energy data available in your SCADA with the production data allows daily production reports to include the associated energy costs and automatic or operator initiated load shedding, load scheduling and power factor correction and maximum demand control actions to be integrated into your PLC/ SCADA control system. Stored Meter events (Power failures, Under voltage alarms, lost comms) and kWh and kVarh half hourly consumption data important for billing is logged automatically and robustly by OPC server into an open ODBC database (Access, SQL server and Oracle) with user defined table and field names to be used by billing and analysis packages such as PowerSmart EM, Web based billing reports or any third party packages able to query databases.