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PowerSmart Web

PowerSmart Web is an easy to use energy billing analysis package that allows you to audit your electricity bill against your supplier or provide accurate sub billing reports for separate operational divisions or customers to which you are distributing. PowerSmart Web can be deployed as an application hosted on your local intranet or web hosted by NC Automation on the internet.

NC Automation Engineering realises that in order to make reductions in usage and/or reduce your monthly billed amount, both the distributing client and all end clients need to make informed decisions. PowerSmart Web provides users at all levels the same reporting and analysis functionality based on their login. Further to this, PowerSmart Web can connect to multiple PowerSmart OPC and/or PowerSmart Pulse databases to provide information and analysis from multiple sites in a single application. Energy is not the only utility that has an impact on the environment and has increasing costs, hence PowerSmart Web has full functionality for all metered applications including water, gas and many more. PowerSmartWeb also extends full functionality to manually read meter accumulative and non-accumulative meters including traceability.

Using PowerSmart Web, you do not need to reprogram and update holidays, seasons, tariffs, etc. in every meter on your site annually because the software implements all tools using the meters profile data. Using this package, you can effect these changes for all meters at a single location and only need to make the changes once. PowerSmart Web also has the functionality for full backwards compatibility and traceability i.e. bills executed for previous years will apply the tariffs from the previous year and not the tariff as per the most recently appended charges.

PowerSmart Web provides a variety of reports presented either as interactive flash charts or web reports in a viewer capable of paging, zooming, full text search, export to common formats (e.g. PDF, Word, Excel) and direct printing. PowerSmart Web includes error reports for all reports which find faults including missing profile data, missing manual data, errors with connections to database, flagged data, data exceeding a user defined high alarm, data below a user defined low alarm and more. Reports included in PowerSmart Web:

•    Tariff reports
•    Exports to financial systems
•    Import of raw data
•    Top 10 maximum demands
•    POD statistics
•    Meter statistics
•    Archived Reports
•    Comparative Reports
•    History Report
•    Profile Charts
•    Maximum Demand Charts
•    Baseline Charts
•    And more…

PowerSmart Web support scenario analysis and tools for budgeting for the next financial year. These tools allow users to modify data in a variety of ways including:

•    Limiting data to particular time periods (peak, standard, off-peak, etc.)
•    Shift operation forwards and backwards in time
•    Add, subtract, multiple or divide load per block
•    Add, subtract, multiple or divide kVar per block if the kVar value leads or lags grater than a set point (PF Correction Scenario).
•    Fixed user defined maximum demand
•    Automatic run of multiple months of data
•    Tariff Changes
•    Enquire for more…

Users can purchase optional extra’s on PowerSmart Web which include automatic emailing of all standard reports. Custom reports are developed on request. Features coming soon to PowerSmart Web include Retrieval of Real Time OPC values and Automatic Emailing based on Usage. For more information contact NC Automation Engineering.